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Favourite Character From a Musical – A Dress Up

If you don’t know already I am a bit partial to ye olde dress up. I.e I LUV em! And judging from my DVD collection I am a bit nuts about musicals. So when Ms KleeB had her birthday dress up and the theme was “favourite musical character” I almost blew a gasket I was so excited. The bonus is that Rik also enjoys a dress up, so yeeeha! I wasn’t able to get my hands on a nun’s costume so sadly Maria and Captain von Trapp (from the Sound of Music … duh …) was out. So we went for the next best thing and equally tres fab …

Brad and Janet from Rocky Horror! YES Please. Think curled hair (although my curls dropped in a hot second), white dress, gloves and handbag for Janet and ultra nerd alert for Rik, including epic pullover. And of course lets not forget the newspaper. Now if we were feeling the vibe (and possibly if it wasn’t so cold) we should have changed into our underwear halfway through the night for the second half of the movie … but I don’t think we (or anyone else for that matter) were quite brave enough for that.

The entire evening was awesome. KleeB’s dad even painted his face. The birthday girl made an epic DoRoth (aka Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz), Grease seemed to be the word along with a couple of Chicago-ans and more. But this was a rad theme and the music topped it off a playlist of the best show tunes! Yebo yes please.

Toooooo much of the fun! Who would you have been?

Favourite Musical Character

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4 thoughts on “Favourite Character From a Musical – A Dress Up

  1. Arlene says:

    Without a doubt, I would have been Eliza Doolittle – I am SO good at ‘just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins just you wait!

    • Tans says:

      Wam! That is hysterical! Love it, I hope you’d be Eliza when she is still selling flowers … “all I want is a room somewhere, faaar away from the cold night air, wif one enourmous chair, eow woooooden it be luverly”

  2. Arlene says:

    Of course I’d be Eliza pre the lady -and I would go for a costume change halfway through the night! He he so I can wear a beautiful ball gown and dance with a prince.

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