Chili Peppers

We Go To The Peppers (red hot chili kind)

So yesterday I told you about my birthday dinner and mentioned the fact that the the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing on my actual birthday, how totally radical that they decided to play the concert just for me (and about a gazillion other screaming fans).

Sadly Rik couldn’t be there, but I had a whole group of friends who were going to join me in celebration. Yeeeeeha!  KleeB, HaylzDog and I caught the Jamie Shuttle from UCT after meeting up with Nic and her sis. After a quick rid to the civic centre, a fairly long queue and meeting some panda’s on the way, we were at the stadium.

We met up with Bons and Dave while outside and we all headed inside. I was still trying to find my sister who was already inside, we eventually found everyone and caught the tail end of Die Antwoord. Jirre, they aren’t for everyone but there is something about their vibe that I dig.

We all decided to take advantage of our golden circle spot and sat down while we waited for the peppers to appear. J&S also found us and so plenty of fun ensued. Yeeeeeha birthday vibes.

I can only describe the performance as amazeballs. Sheesh kebab, this was one times amazing concert. Even more amazing after reading Scar Tissue – still can’t believe these guys are functioning after all the abuse they’ve put their bodies through and what an incredible life Anthony has had. I loved every minute of it and had a fantastic celebration and start to my thirties!

Thank you to all my amazing friends for the birthday love xxx

RHCP RHCP Yes please! Me and the Hazlette Friends and more friends! It's my birthday! Fun times Woooohoooooooo A couple of Panda's RHCP


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