We See The Dubai Fountain

I have mentioned before that I didn’t really do much planning for the Dubai trip. More of the lets go with the flow rather than an itinerary. I didn’t do much research about anything, but one thing I did know about was the Dubai Fountain. I’d heard that one of the must see’s were the choreographed fountain sequence that happens each night at the Dubai Mall. The mall I must add is ma-hoooosive – shoppers paradise so they say, but only if you have the dosh to fund your shopping spree.

We went to the mall for a quick browse around before heading up the Burj. Once down from the Burj we headed back into the mall to meet up with Justin and Ciaran for a bite to eat. We headed to the Rainforest Cafe, which was equally cool for the adults and the kids. One thing about this trip was that we needed to keep the kids who were 7 and 4 in mind. So this was a place where they would find things to eat and be entertained. The Rainforest Cafe has a jungle theme with animals which come alive thanks to animatronics. A very fun experience and the food was served in crazy huge portions – think American diner. But a great night out. On a side note it was interesting being in Dubai during Ramadan, the Holy month, where a large majority of the city is fasting. So restaurants are closed during the day.

After dinner, we headed out of the air-conditioned mall to the outside area to see the show. We’d missed the previous show by seconds so it would be another 30 minute wait before the next show. The poor kids were exhausted and promptly lay down on the ground. It was incredibly hot, everything steams up – so when you take your camera out to take a quick pic the screen mists up. The heat was hardcore but not completely unbearable – in saying that we were only there for a holiday. I imagine the heat gets to you if you’re there for longer periods.

Waiting For The Dubai Fountain

Waiting for the Dubai Fountains

And then it was time for the show. The crowds had gathered and the trumpets sounded. We were right at a speaker and so had wonderful sound. The show was really quite spectaular. You watched as jets of water shot up in time to the music, rising and falling as the music did. Really it was quite magical and worth the wait in the heat for a good spot. I could have watched that for much longer than the few minutes the show is. The water shoots up and makes you gasp when you watch it. I enjoyed this immensely and can see why this is such a big draw card, because I certainly haven’t seen anything like that before.

Spectacular Fountain Show

Syncronised Fountain

These few pics I snapped up really don’t do the show any justice, you’ll have to go an experience it for yourself. Thanks Just and Van and kids for showings us all of the sites. xxx

Such a great thing to see


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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  1. Arlene says:

    When I was a kid we’d go to Wenmer Pan in JHb where they had a musical fountain – we’d watch as magical water fountains lit by coloured lights danced to beautiful music. I can still see it in my mind. Can only imagine that Dubai was bigger and grander.

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