Funky Toes

When was the last time you went and treated yourself to a bit of pampering? Yes you could stay at home and paint your own nails, but sometimes it’s just really fun to go and have someone else do that for you. Even better book an appointment with a friend (or the Wam) so you can have a good old natter and leave with funky bright toes!

I went off for a pedicure as a present from the Wam, sadly I had to go by myself, but I took my iPad with me and caught up on a bit of reading thanks to my Kindle app (my actual Kindle is with Rik while he’s in Botswana – much easier to transport than taking a stack of books).

It is always such a dilema when I’m told I can select my colour! Eeeek, what if it is totally hideous or really bright or ag who actually cares? I like to go for something super bright and generally go with my first instinct. The results a bright and summery orange, which added a bit of bling to my feet. I luv!

My thoughts are that it’s important not to neglect yourself and sometimes it’s worth spending the time and money on proper grooming. Even you need to put your feet up, relax a little bit and spend a bit of your hard earned money on something totally self indulgent. Do you have a favourite little personal treat that is only for you?


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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