Mini Molten Lava Pots

I Make Mini Molten Lava Chocolate Pots

Yipppppeeee it was Mother’s Day (aka Wam’s day) this Sunday and I offered to make the pudding. This is something I’d made before, but i had over cooked it slightly last time and so was keen to give it another bash.

It is a a Nigella recipe for chocolate pots, the rad kind that are oozy and gooey inside. I always find this pudding quite rich and also not owning any ramekins I needed an alternative to make these a bit smaller. In comes the muffin tin and voila problem solved and you have a pudding that is quick and easy to make and can easily serve 6 people – even 12 if you’re a bit stingy and only do one cake per person.

What I like about this recipe is that if you’re a semi-baker you should have most of the ingredients in your cupboard already. So things like castor sugar, flour, vanilla, eggs and butter can generally be found and all you need to pick up from the shops is some cream and then dark chocolate for melting. I’ve found some fantastic chocolate disks from the Spar that melt easily and don’t taste like cooking chocolate.

You can bang out the recipe in about 20 mins from start to finish if you’re organised I.e. have measured your ingredients first and have put the oven on to pure heat. I bought some fresh cream and was busy whipping that up, when the cousin stepped in to help. I had told him that it was almost done so he should be careful with it because he could turn it into butter. I was sort of joking about a minute later I heard an uh-oh we have butter! And low and behold butter we had! It was rather funny, but not to worry there was ice cream in the freezer (although not as much as anticipated because it turns out the Wad had already tucked into that).

Anyways back to the puddings, last time I did these I cooked it for about 2 mins extra and so they weren’t molten inside (although they were delish). This time I made sure I cooked it for a bit shorter and the results were a wonderful explosion of molten chocolate. This is def a new dinner party favourite!

PS happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world xxx


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