La Boheme

Dinner at La Boheme

The Rikster arrived home form KZN for a brief holiday and I decided it was time to take him to one of my favourite spots for dinner in the city. La Boheme in Sea Point. Now if you haven’t been here before you are seeeeeriously missing out. But fair warning you’ll probably need to book, they are ever so popular. I dig their vibe, the restaurant has 3 sections, outside and 2 inside sections, which allows foR a different dining experience in each. If you’re in the bar side is more relaxed and slightly more chilled, outside offers a cafe eatery vibe and my favourite is sitting in the section with the kitchen. The buzz here is kind of electric and you can feel the pace and energy of the restaurant.

The menu is written on chalk boards and the menu won’t be the same when you go again (because you will be going back). There are some staples that you’ll find I beef carpaccio starter and pork belly mains for one. You also have a few dining options, you can either order a la carte or pay R95 for two courses. The special is on one board, so not everything is available on the special, but believe me you won’t mind cos there are so many options. I opted for the special, Rik a la carte and Leanne had the fillet on mushroom risotto. I decided on the carpaccio, which once again didn’t disappoint – basil pesto, Parmesan shavings and caper berries. Yummil delishy! Rik had a starter off the special menu (oh and when I say special – I only used this to differentiate between a la carte cos the special is available all the time), but Rik’s kingklip ceviche was incredible! Done Asian style and totally moreish! Wow wow, yummy thank you more please!

Rik’s main was rabbit. And boohoo to you who thinks we’re eating pets … Rabbits are absolutely tasty! This one didn’t disappoint either, La Boheme is also one of the only places I’ve seen that serves rabbit and when it’s available give it a try! My main I think has to win dish of the day! Italian sausage gnocchi – ooooooooh wowza. I can’t begin to tell you! The most incredible gnocchi I have tasted, like little puffs of heaven topped with a delicious sauce. I want to be able to make gnocchi like that, it is something special. La Boheme didn’t disappoint and I think I may have convinced Rik that this is a great place to go. Make a plan and get there as soon as you can. Let me know what you think …

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit ...
Rik’s awesome rabbit!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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  1. mark says:

    I’m getting there as fast as possible. Nice to see Sea Point back on the map. Can feel the vibe hear on the other side of the mountain.

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