Best Birthday Dinner Surprise

Ok, so I know I turned 30 months ago, I am practically 31 now, well not really, but still. My reason for posting this so late is because a lot has happened since then and well I am only now clearing the backlog. But back to the tale at hand.

So my birthday happened to be on the same night that the RHCP were playing in town, tickets bought months previously, golden circle and hopefully Rik would be able to make it down from Bots for the concert – sadly he couldn’t make it back from Bots. So because of the concert I wasn’t able to have dins with the parentals on my birthday and we decided to do it the night before – a Monday!

Little did I realise that this would put such a big spanner in the works! Every single restaurant I thought would be good was closed for that night and so after a grumpy, feeling sorry for myself bbm to Rik in Bots saying I’d just not do a dinner, I got a reply back saying leave it to me, I’ll sort it out.

And a little while later I was told that a reservation had been made at 7pm at Harbour House at the V&A. I wasn’t sure just how special things were going to be until we arrived. We were shown to a table that was covered in rose petals and had flowers on the table – the only one in the restaurant with this! Next I was brought a bottle of bubbly, Rik knows me well and told me afterwards he knew the bubbles would make me happy. We had VIP service for the entire evening and I felt like the most special person on the planet.

And not to forget the incredible food! Sheesh it was absolutely yummy delish, every single mouthful tasted like more. And we were even treated to a ceviche starter which I could eat every single day of my life and never get tired of it.

The only thing missing was Rik, so we’ll need to go back when he is down in July. Thank you for the best birthday surprise ♥ xxx


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

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