Amy Larter Debut Album Launch

Razzle Dazzle At The Amy Larter Debut Album Launch

Wowza kapowza! I have told you before about my incredibly talented friend, Amy Larter, and a few weeks ago I was privileged enough to attend her DEBUT Album Launch. It is exciting enough when you go to something as awesome as this, but even more so when she is one of your nearest and dearest. It was a super, sold out performance at the gorgeous Fuguard Theatre. This theatre fits Amy’s style and reportoire to the letter and it was great sitting in the audience in anticipation of what to come. Especially being able to hear all the music live after listening to her CD already (I was lucky enough to get a copy before the launch). What made this launch equally special is that they had enlisted the work of 5 very talented local artists to create an artwork to one of her songs. The work of art was filmed with at each step and then edited to the final product. So we not only got to listen to the sultry, jazzy sounds from Amy and her band but we also watched the awesome stories her music inspired for these artists. Each piece of art was as unique and as special as the songs themselves.

Amy Larter Debut Album Launch

The performance was outstanding (and no I’m not just saying this because she is my friend), I say this because she is talented and has an equally talented band backing her. If you want to hear it for yourself head over to iTunes and buy her album here. And if you’ve got love in your heart you’ll LOVE this album, because as Amy says this album is all about love. I’m a particular fan of “Remember Me” and “Pretenses”, but I am sure you will find a track that resonates deep within your heart. So very proud of you my friend. This journey has been long, but well worth it and I know you have a big future ahead of you.

xxx PS I do have to say a BIG thanks to Lauren from The Travel Manuel for allowing me to use her pics. Please remember they are  © so please request permission before using.


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