Cos Everybody Loves A Dress Up – Candy’s ‘Song Title’ 30th

Ok, perhaps not everyone loves to dress up, but I sure do! And I always seem to go to the extreme. I don’t really see the point in dressing up if you’re not going to look any different from a normal night out. My varsity friend and her husband throw the best dress up parties. Last year we had a Super Hero’s theme and I dressed up as my own made up character ‘Captain 80’s’. Think lumo orange fishnets, a homemade top with pacman and the raddest false lashes you have ever seen – maybe that one deserves it’s own post.

But back to this one. Candy had her 30th and the theme was ‘Song Title’. Of course there would be the usuals, Black or White, Lady in Red and so on and so forth. I decided on something a little bit different (which I totally second guessed when I actually needed to leave the house), but I decided on the classic Nirvana song ‘Come as You Are’ and no I am did not cop out! I decided to wrap a towel around me (doubling as a boob tube dress … and made very secure with saftey pins in strategic places), a pair of slippers and a headband. And I was ready to go. Haha what an absolute jol, thankfully the dress never fell off and plenty of fun was had by all. I even met Giant (from the MTN Gladiators fame … check out the pic below). I can’t wait for the next dress up! Anyone got some favourite ideas? What’s the best dress up you’ve been to?

The pics … Giant and I and from clockwise from top left … Barbie Girl, Rock ‘n Roll Queen and Candy Man, Smack My Bitch Up and Me and my Monkey. Good times were had by all … but mostly by us!


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

2 thoughts on “Cos Everybody Loves A Dress Up – Candy’s ‘Song Title’ 30th

  1. Stefani says:

    Love the pics! Think Smack My Bitch Up is absolutely brilliant and you are as always so brave and hilarious (still remember seeing you in your Captain 80’s gear … definitely deserves a post). Was this at Oblivion Wine Bar?

    • Tans says:

      I know! Brilliant work from that guy! I’ll def sort out a post for the Superhero’s one. And this was most certainly at Oblivion – the upstairs section was booked with all of us crazy kids!

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