The Fresh Princess of RSA

Right kids, so I am pretty sure if you grew up in the 1990’s you will know all about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I don’t think I have one friend who can’t sing the song from start to finish … You know which one I mean …

“In West Philidelphia born and raised on the playground thats where I spent most of my days …”

If you have no idea what I am talking about this post will not be in the least bit entertaining! Our really good friend lives in the States, she is from there and used to live in Cape Town and I met her through dancing and she is now one of my very nearest and dearest. Anyways this little circle of friends likes to make a big deal out of birthdays! Yipppeeeeeee. So we thought since we couldn’t spend Linds birthday with her we’d send her a rap montage instead. Great idea me thinks!

What we did was we took the Fresh Prince tune and mixed it up a bit to create “The Fresh Princess of RSA”, we also dressed up in some ridiculous outfits (created out of the Dress Up Box) and took a few ridic pics to include in the montage. Oh boy did we laugh, what a lot of fun! We are crazy kids, but we’re fierce friends. It’s what makes the world go round! DJ Bons was in the house with HaylzDog, K-bird and Tbomb in the mix. Check out some of the radness that happened … Linds happy birthday. We’re with you in spirit and roadies! ♥ you xx


Photographs Eat Play Luv © (please request permission before using)

4 thoughts on “The Fresh Princess of RSA

    • Tans says:

      It was a HUGE amount of fun, turns out we’re totally gangsta and rather cool! Haha. The birthday girl LOVED the surprise!

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